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Ecumenism is Alive and Well in Leamington

To mark the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, the Catholic Women’s League and the Lutheran Ladies of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church met the afternoon of June 19 at St. Michael’s Church in Leamington. After a short prayer service focusing on the Christian commitment to love, the C.W.L. ladies explained that since Luther’s emblem is a white rose, they would plant a white rose bush to mark the occasion. Also, the Lutheran Ladies were offered a blue hydrangea to plant on their property to honour Mary, the Mother of Jesus. The photo shows Monica Weil on the left and Mary Lapos, co-president of the C.W.L. on the right, committing to overseeing the planting of the perennials at the respective churches.

Sister Elaine Cole, csj
C.W.L.  co-president


Hurray for Leamington

“Product of Canada” Label

Heinz Company is no longer in Leamington making ketchup. However, many Heinz products are still made at the former Heinz plant now owned by Highbury Canco. 

The Highbury Canco plant processes tomato paste from the tomatoes grown in Essex County and Chatham-Kent County.  In fact there are a number of Canadian processors in this area who use tomatoes grown in these Counties of southwestern Ontario. So, when you go shopping for tomato products and want to support Canadian made tomato products, look for the label that says “Product of Canada”. The contents of the cans and jars will have been grown and processed in Canada.

If you don’t see this label “Product of Canada” on the tomato products or on other agricultural products on your local grocery store shelf, then express your concern to the store manager.

A New Partnership

Leamington, Ontario Mayor John Paterson and Caldwell First Nation Chief Louise Hillier entered into a partnership not known to exist anywhere else in Canada.

On March 31 the two leaders signed an agreement to begin a Skills Development Initiative.  This is a mentoring program where Caldwell employees and affiliates will job shadow Leamington municipal staff who perform the same duties.  The new partnership initiative is going to produce about 50 new jobs.  The departments involved in job shadowing are engineering, public works, finance, and possibly planning such as marina management. 

This partnership could become a model for the whole country. 

Hurray for Leamington.

Elaine Cole, CSJ


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