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Weekly Pause & Ponder

The foundation of existence is not mere being itself (what is) but relationality (what is becoming): union is always toward more being.

Ilia Delio, from Teillard to Omega: Cocreating an Unfinished Universe.


A Dad’s Day

Becoming a Dad changes you - completely.

It’s miraculous, really. 

The hardest part? Being there. And I don’t mean showing up, I mean being present. Fatherhood really hammers home the difference. It helps you realize how much you unknowingly phoned in important parts of your life — work, volunteerism and the friendships that matter. 

Being a good dad is hard

Everything gets hyper-focused. But focused doesn’t always mean easy. A selfish to selfless transition is a turbulent one. Even with a life partner that makes Wonder Woman look dazed and confused. (Thx love! xoxoxoxo)  

Over time you settle in. You wise up (sometimes). You start to calibrate your parental antenna to some universal truths about advice for your kids in this modern age.


  • curiosity and creativity are more important than any string of characters at the end of an email signature;
  • report cards influence life outcomes far less than we give them credit for;
  •  the most valuable people in this world don’t do what they’re told, they tell the leaders what should be done;
  • happiness has little if anything to do with material possession (especially in the long term);
  • you never need as much stuff as you think you do;
  • And perhaps most importantly, that you should never watch In the Night Garden, no matter how much your kids beg. ‘Cause some things, you just can’t un-see.

And on and on…

But the best thing about father’s day is being home with your kids, and loving them. 

Of all the things that make up the foundational pieces of our lives, family is by far the most important. 

You can tell a lot about a man by how he holds himself as a father. 

I didn’t get a chance to spend as much time with my Father as I would have liked. He worked morning, afternoon and night shifts, 10,000 feet underground, for 30 years, so I would never have to. 

The bottom line

I’ve got more from my kids, Molly (5), Cooper (8) than I can ever give back in a life time. 

I worry less these days about them not listening and realize I need to worry more that they’re always listening. And that parenting with purpose is something you practice, not something you perfect.

It’s about making a conscious effort to create a more profound relationship with the people that you love.

Everything else, I think, will fall into place. 


Guest Blogger Jeff Sage

Jeff Sage is a Senior Strategist and Co-Founder at sagecomm, a London-based strategic marketing firm specializing in brand, product and cause positioning for brands across North America.





So what ARE we Celebrating on this 150th Birthday of Canada?

After having just returned from the Kitchi Blanket Exercise on June 2, on Parliament Hill and having been involved in “blanketing the city of Ottawa” that same morning, in 16 different locations, by presenting the Blanket Exercise, we KAIROS facilitators asked ourselves:
“WHAT are we really celebrating this July 1st?”

I guess it depends on the lens through which one views the birth of Canada. If we celebrate the British North America Act of 1867, through Indigenous eyes, we are celebrating the resiliency and firm commitment of the Inuit, Metis and First Nations Peoples in Canada, to seek Truth in order to find Reconciliation, as they rightfully strive to have jurisdiction over their lands ….lands which they occupied long before the settlers arrived.

In light of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission findings and the 94 Recommendations, how can we NOT live in the reality of walking with each other as two nations, instead of one?

Reconciliation is in the Wind. Is THIS not what we need to be celebrating and toward which we MUST be moving? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bh2Ol48mSmE

The Blanket Exercise is one very effective Teaching Tool that is literally blanketing Canada at this time. It is a movement that is rapidly expanding, sweeping across this land uncovering the TRUTH of our birth. One participant, Heenal Rajani, of the Blanket Exercise expressed his experience of it on April 9, 2001 when he first encountered the harsh truth of our history for the first time. Heenal expressed it in this rap, which is a 6 minute overview of the Blanket Exercise.


After you have heard this rap and read this blog, you are invited to answer the question, Just WHAT ARE we really celebrating?  What do you and I WANT to celebrate in order to bring about Reconciliation?

Kathleen Lichti, CSJ


The Month of Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is one of the most blessed and sacred times for the global Muslim community. It is currently upon us and will last until June 26th. 

This year, Ramadan happens to fall at the start of summer, whereby able-bodied Muslims are obliged to fast, abstaining from all food and drink during the daylight hours.

According to the Qur’an, the singular purpose behind the fasting is to attain a reverent and deep awareness of God.

The aim of the fast lies beyond the physical aspects of sensing hunger and thirst, intensified due to the heat and the lengthening of the summer days. There are many elements related to the fast that are conducive to bringing about higher states of spiritual consciousness of one’s state of being.

For example, when one senses the pangs of hunger and thirst, this should bring about a sense of empathy toward others who are less fortunate and do not readily have access to a steady supply of sustenance. Not only should this provide an impetus to help the needy, but it should also direct us to the Giver of all sustenance, instilling a deeper sense of appreciation and gratitude toward God for all of the countless blessings He has bestowed upon us.

The fasting also can provide a sense of self-discipline and sacrifice.

Furthermore, when a Muslim fasts, they also should abstain from acts that would be considered sinful, such as a lustful gaze, backbiting, speaking lies or causing any form of harm toward others. This leads to a Muslim fasting not only by their stomachs, but by their other limbs and organs, including their eyesight, tongues and hearing, abstaining from all that which displeases God.

Taking it to another level, indeed, the highest grade of fasting is that of the heart whereby a person consciously abstains from overly thinking of anything other than God Almighty, remembering and thanking Him in every aspect of one’s existence.

This also represents the innermost core of the concept of reverent and deep awareness of God, the very purpose of performing the fast.

Abd Alfatah Twakkal is the imam and spiritual leader of the London Muslim Mosque.




Weekly Pause & Ponder

Love will never be anywhere except where equality and unity are…. and there can be no love where love does not find equality. Nor is there any pleasure without equality.  Practice equality in human society. Learn to love, esteem, and consider all people like yourself. What happens to another, be it bad or good, pain or joy, ought to be as if it happened to you.

Meister Eckhart. www.sacredthreadscenter.org


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