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Living Faith: A Pilgrimage Retreat for Young  Adults

Join other young adults

August 24, 2018 - 8:30am - August 26, 2018 - 5:00pm

Faith Connections and the Federation of Sisters of St. Joseph of Canada invite you to experience LIVING FAITH! Join other young adults (men and women, 18-39) on a weekend pilgrimage as we explore how to live the call to faith with the Sisters of St. Joseph at a camp located on the shores of Lake Nipissing in North Bay, Ontario.

Through interactive activities, prayer and fellowship, we'll delve deeper into our living faith.

Cost: $150, including meals and accommodation (single bed cottages — $70 if you do not require accommodation). Early bird registration before June 1: $120 (If cost is a concern, please contact us.)

Carpooling available.

To register, contact Kataryna Ryba: faithconnections@csj-to.ca    or 416-467-2645.


Cast Your Vote for  Democracy

Amid the twists and turns of our current province’s general election campaign a band of voters remain undecided, switching back and forth in their thinking. These voters find themselves wondering whether to cast their vote with an eye on their riding candidates or in line with party leaders and/or platforms.

No doubt, unfortunately, as in the last two Ontario provincial general elections many voters will not vote at all. Sadly, many Ontarians take too lightly our right to vote failing to appreciate that many around the world enjoy no such freedom.

“In the last two elections, barely half of Ontarians bothered to cast a ballot — an embarrassing 48 per cent voted in 2011, and a dispiriting 51 per cent turned out in 2014.

They were the worst showings by civic no-shows in our democratic history. And far worse turnouts than in any  other provincial or federal election ever.

“A new public opinion survey conducted for the Toronto Star ahead of the Ryerson Democracy Forum suggests that the very authority of our elected governments is being undermined by those meagre voter turnouts.” The Star, Feb.26/18 by Martin Regg Cohn

Hopefully, the increase in advance polling numbers, up about 20% more than 2014, as cited by Global News anchor Shauna Cunningham, may be a positive indication that civic engagement might be on the increase rather than merely the case that voters are casting their vote early to avoid election day line ups.

If you haven’t voted yet, please make a commitment to do so.     Every vote cast is one very important vote for democracy.


Weekly Pause &  Ponder

Social and political action that effects a real, material and transformative difference in the world is not only a means of furthering God's justice.  It is a sharing in God's creative action, drawing the world into greater unity, and thus into the unifying life of the Godhead, in a "communion through action."

Ilia Delio. From Teilhard to Omega: Co-creating an Unfinished Universe, p. 125.


And now the Fire is with  us

"And now the Fire is with us...as though through a sacred door opening to the Universe, God passes through...and spreads RADIANCE."  

These words of Teilhard de Chardin were written by him on the battlefield, of all places--where he was a stretcher-bearer during WWI. They speak loudly of the fierce and ever-present passionate love of God for us, everywhere and in all things.  And perhaps they speak especially to us now in the midst of an unprecedented upheaval of soul, of consciousness, and of governments presently happening in Holy Earth. Now the Fire is with us, Holy Fire, Spirit Fire, an energy, a radiance!  Now the sacred door has been opened to the Mystery and majesty of the Universe. We are the first generations to be flooded and filled with the radiance of this Divine revelation….God passing through, entering us.  A Pentecost.

Can we turn our attention to this fire, this power at work within us?  Can we turn from the terrible “too-small” worlds of politics and division, finance, fear and ambition?  Can we let ourselves be seized, animated by this Great Love alive within in us. This fiery love has power to heal our divisions and make us one! What can we do with so great a love?  We can burn with love for the whole Sacred Earth and all its beings!  We can burn with Love for the ONE who loves us so! We can become LOVE!

 - Mary Southard, Pentecost 2018

Reflection and Artwork (titled    Le Puy, Thank You) by Sr. Mary Southard, CSJ (used with permission). Mary Southard Art   www.marysouthardart.org



So what does nonduality actually mean?  It means your experience of your deepest self and my experience of my deepest self and any other human being’s experience of his or her deepest sense of self is One.  It’s one and the same self….  You and I may appear to be at two different points in space.  But my deepest self and your deepest self are the same self…  The interior of all things is One.

Evolutionary Enlightenment by Andrew Cohen, p.19.


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